Welcome to Art by Nikki Baily

Nikki Baily creates and paints with a kaleidoscope of colour and a unique detailed style. Her spherical landscapes, using vibrant watercolour and pen, will take you on a journey through each city, making you look a second, third and fourth time to find something new.

Order Nikki's kaleidoscopes

Experience eclectic expressions of life and colour fused together.

Travel the world with Nikki's unique Kaleidoscope prints, personalise your own or commission a completely bespoke kaleidoscope to create a one-of-a-kind memento to remember treasured milestones.


  • Susie, Abu Dhabi

    "Your beautiful paintings of our favourite locations bring us much happiness as we surprise and delight at all the special and local detail you hide within these amazing paintings. Three on our wall....and more commissions planned."

  • Jo, Australia

    "Love Love my artwork…Martin & I studied it for some time finding all the iconic sites of Sydney & beyond…it’s amazing"

  • Bertina, Netherlands

    "So proud to have a Nikki Baily original on my wall! 

    Your art is beautiful."